From our 'No comment' department: This is sort of a journalism Marx Brothers joke

You cannot make this one up.

I think we have to rank this one right up there in the top ranks of items that we have ever featured under the heading "From our 'No Comment' department."

Let's see if you can spot the error in the top of this Associated Press report, as it ran earlier today. It has since been corrected.

Note that the dateline is from an always-exciting location during the Pope Francis era, when it comes to breaking stories on the Godbeat. Yes, I know there was a post earlier on a story linked to this. Thus, please consider this a quick mini-update on that  post by our own James Davis.

Here goes.

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE (AP) -- Pope Francis says gays -- and all the other people the church has marginalized, such as the poor and the exploited -- deserve an apology.
Francis was asked Sunday en route home from Armenia if he agreed with one of his top advisers, German Cardinal Karl Marx, who told a conference in Dublin in the days after the deadly Orlando gay club attack that the church owes an apology to gays for having marginalized them.

Oh my. Yes, one enterprising Catholic journalist managed to get a screen capture of that to preserve it for history buffs:

I think it is going too far to blame the whole papal press corp for this one. Right?

Nevertheless, this is where I hope that always shy GetReligion readers will get just a bit creative in the comments section, in good fun. I think AP editors could have been more creative in the correction that ran with the revised version of the story.

This story has been corrected to show that the cardinal's name is Reinhard Marx, not Karl.

Ah, come on. This was not your run-of-the-mill Marx swap out!

Still, it's a 'No comment' from us. But does anyone else want to give it a go? Anyone want to take a shot -- be nice -- at improving this? 

History majors, this is your chance to shine. 

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