George Conger

After a two year hiatus, it is a pleasure to return to the roster of writers for GetReligion. My name is George Conger and my work has appeared in newspapers and magazines across the Anglosphere. I have served as the London correspondent for the Jerusalem Post covering diplomatic, military and religious affairs.  However the great majority of my writing has been in religion reporting. For eighteen years I was the senior correspondent for the Church of England Newspaper and for six years a correspondent for the Living Church magazine. As a freelancer my work has appeared in The Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Washington Post, and Washington Times, as well as in religion publications in the US, UK, Australia and Africa. For the past few years I have served as executive editor of Anglican Ink, an online Anglican news portal, and co-host of Anglican Unscripted -- a weekly podcast on Anglican affairs. I have also appeared on the BBC's Radio 4 "Sunday Programme", ABC National's "Religion and Ethics Report" in Australia as a commentator on religious affairs.

I am a native of Philadelphia, was reared in Palm Beach, Florida. I was educated at Duke, Yale and Oxford Universities. I am also a priest of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida and have served as a parish priest and hospice chaplain for over 20 years. At present I am rector of Shepherd of the Hills Episcopal Church in Lecanto, Florida and am Dean of Northwest Central Florida -- allowing me to use the title “The Very Rev”.

My facility with languages in my previous incarnation with GetReligion led meto report on the European and British press. I anticipate taking up that role once more.


Editor’s note: It’s been some time since the GetReligionista team included someone who wears a clerical collar, especially — as was the case with the Rev. Elizabeth Eisenstadt Evans — someone with experience in mainstream and religious-market journalism. Another key: The arrival of a scribe who is very, very familiar with the unique media scene in Europe and in the Middle East. So, here we go.


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