Five of my favorite GetReligion things

dougleblanc.jpgI'm back in this forum, at the request of tmatt, just long enough to kick off a retrospective celebration of GetReligion's fourth anniversary. Terry has asked us all to list the five favorite posts we've written in this site's history, so cue John Coltrane. My favorite posts reflect my hobby horses as a religion writer: countering believer-bashing urban legends, savoring pre-postmodernist irony, stumbling upon empathy, taking the pulse of pop culture, and poking fun at poseurs.

As this is my only post in 2008, my list includes two items from 2004. Happy anniversary, GetReligion, and thanks for the megaphone.

2004: Vanity Fair's kitty litter and Jimmy Swaggart and the hairy swamp monkey

2005: Buckets of tears

2006: Hell hath no humor

2007: Let's split the difference

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