Celebrating four years

celebrateKeeping with the spirit of celebrating GetReligion's fourth anniversary, I am sharing a handful of my favorite blog posts. I am sure there are others out there that dealt with more substantial issues or generated more comments, but for one reason or another these are a few of my choice posts. January 2008: "Old churches converted to new condos" -- Old abandoned inner-city churches are converted into fancy condos. The best part of this post was reader feedback reporting from all around the country with similar stories.

February 2007: "Is talking about God news?" -- The Indianapolis Colts win the Super Bowl, and Dungy talks about his faith and how it affects his coaching style on national television. There's not much left to say here.

January 2007: "Ford's quiet faith was just wonderful" -- President Ford passes away and Newsweek editor Jon Meacham gives readers a sermon/Sunday-school lesson on why Ford's personal quiet faith was a presidential ideal. My wife was able to take a photos of the president's motorcade as it went by the Washington, D.C., apartment building that was our home for three months.

July 2006: "Rooting out radicalism" -- British journalists struggle to understand the differences between radical Islam and everything else that is Islamic in their country.

November 2005: "Missing Lewis" -- In a preemptive strike against Aslan and his fans, The New York Times launches an attack against the mind behind the Land of Narnia.

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