LeBlanc-ian thoughts on Obama option

barack obama tshirtThis isn't religion news, really, but there's a post floating around right now about religion, politics and Barack Obama that is getting some unique attention. It touches on topics that are affecting the political decisions of serious Christian believers, left and right. And journalists, too. This post is written by one Doug LeBlanc. Since we do not get to feature his work these days, as he enters a book-writing stage of his life, I will be keeping my eyes open for LeBlanc-ian missives to share with readers back here at GetReligion. The full text of the post is up at Rod "friend of this blog" Dreher's Crunchy Con site over at Beliefnet. Doug is identified as a "conservative pro-life Evangelical" and a Republican.

That information is crucial, in this case. Doug is struggling with the strong desire he feels to support Obama. Click here for the post containing the full text, which was inspired by an invitation that Doug received to join an "Evangelicals for Obama" Facebook group. Here's the end of the post:

I cannot escape the reality that personality, tone and even voice qualities are shaping my preferences. I recognize that Obama is to Hillary's left on some important points, and I find myself not caring. The thought of living with Hillary's schoolmarm demeanor, her cackle and all the baggage of Clintonism greatly agitates me. I feel no such dread about an Obama presidency. I wish I could be less driven by emotion and intuition on this, but so far sweet reason has not been able to override them.

I'm guessing I should just back away from following the primaries so closely. I think Super Tuesday will resolve both parties' nomination questions, for the most part, and Virginia doesn't vote until after then. I sure obsess about this, though. I yearn deeply for an Obama vs. Huck or Obama vs. McCain race. I would be driven to near despair by a Clinton vs. Romney ticket. With a Clinton vs. Giuliani ticket, I probably would hold my nose, vote for Rudy and throw myself on God's mercy. Can anyone else relate to my struggles?

To which Andrew Sullivan responds:

He cannot get past his feelings about Clinton. He longs for an Obama-McCain race, which right now is my dream as well. Read the whole thing. He asks: Can anyone else relate to my struggles?

Relate? I'm living them.

Now, before you click "comment," try to focus on this question: How does all of this relate to (a) the decisions that religious leaders will make about Obama (especially in a showdown with the Clintons) and (b) press coverage of Obama, in both the mainstream and religious media?

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