Cue the theme from Jaws -- for real

satelliteI will offer no comments at all. I assume there will be more than enough commentary over at on this one. The news from the Virginia coast:

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson, who has sharply criticized The Virginian-Pilot in the past, is considering making a bid to buy the newspaper, an associate said Thursday. Landmark Communications Inc., a Norfolk-based media company, announced last week that it was evaluating whether to sell all of its assets, including The Weather Channel and The Pilot.

"Although the price for The Weather Channel is a little rich for my blood, I am considering a potential bid for the Pilot and have asked my attorneys to look into it," Robertson said in an e-mail forwarded by his personal assistant, G.G. Conklin. "It would be particularly helpful to provide internships for Regent University journalism students."

There's more, of course. A mainstream journalist friend of mine on the left coast, who has a wry sense of humor, did offer this commentary in a private email a few minutes ago:

But just think if Robertson did buy the Weather Channel. "Hurricane-level winds developing... 70% chance of God's wrath... We'll check the weather and abortion/homosexuality payback forecast right after this."

In the immortal words of Meg Ryan: "I have no response to that."


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