Noonan hymns the Net

To experience today's Peggy Noonan column, one really needs to call it up on the Web. It is, in effect, the first Noonan blog -- only printed in a newspaper. What should we call that? Religion news and trends run all the way through it, right down to the last bite (the pope's email address). Here she is on the Harvard holy wars about President Larry Summers: "What the Summers story most illustrates is that American universities now seem like Medieval cloisters. They're like a cloister without the messy God part. Old monks of leftism walk their hallowed halls in hooded robes, chanting to themselves. Young nuns of leftist deconstructionism, pale as orchids, walk along wringing their hands, listening to their gloomy music. They become hysterical at the antichrist of a new idea, the instrusion of the reconsideration of settled matter. Get thee behind me, Summers."

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