Gonzo TV preaching

No obituary this week can do full justice to Dr. Gene Scott, the most contrarian Christian ever to have his own TV show. His hometown papers, the Los Angeles Times and the Pasadena Star-News, cover the wildest highlights. NPR offered an interview with religion scholar Richard Parker of Harvard University, who spoke for many observers of American religion when he said, more than once, how much he will miss Scott's presence.

I consider it poignant that Scott and Hunter Thompson have died in the same week. Though I was never as spellbound by Thompson's writing as by Scott's performance-art preaching, I sensed more than a few common threads in these two men's lives (with apologies to Entertainment Weekly):

Hunter Thompson Gene Scott
Communication style Discursive and self-obsessed Discursive and obsessive
Favored anesthetic Chivas Regal Various wines
Preferred smoke Cigarettes (in a holder) Cigars
Parodied by Doonesbury Saturday Night Live
Security Shotguns Hired guns
Nemesis George W. Bush The FCC
A good neighbor? If you like shotgun golf If he liked your cause

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