This front-page story will make you wonder if the newspaper knows what happens during an abortion





On the topic of abortion, GetReligion has mastered the, um, fine art of sounding like a broken record.

Over and over — recent examples here, here and here — we have editorialized on the rampant news media bias against abortion opponents.

The latest case study comes to us courtesy of the Houston Chronicle, which reports on today's front page:

AUSTIN — Abortion providers and advocates filed a lawsuit in federal court Thursday to challenge a new Texas law banning a common second-trimester medical procedure, the latest in a long-running series of legal fights over women’s health in the state.

Notice any peculiar wording there?

If you are (1) pro-choice or (2) a journalist in a typical left-leaning newsroom, you may not.

But if you are (1) pro-life or (2) a journalist committed to treating all sides of this contentious debate impartially, this phrasing may stick out to you:

... latest in a long-running series of legal fights over women's health ...

Is this fight really over women's health? Yes, one side would say. But what would the other side say?

Might the other side — the anti-abortion activists — say that the fight is over, you know, the health (the life) of the baby?

The Houston Chronicle does realize what happens during an abortion, right?

In any case, the newspaper's wording biases its coverage.

What else is new?




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