Is the pope Catholic?: The best tweets about that viral correction from The Times of London


Glad I wasn't the one who made that mistake!

That is, of course, the reaction of relieved journalists everywhere who didn't — unlike The Times of London — report the pope wasn't Catholic and then have to correct it.

Those of us not facing a barrage of "Do bears poop in the woods?" jokes from readers delighted in The Times' embarrassment and reveled in their misery — in witty bursts of 140 characters or less:

Hey, if it helps, British friends, we were equally amused when The New York Times reported that Moses parted the Dead Sea.

With apologies, we might as well enjoy some of our favorite tweets about this week's viral correction:

Meanwhile, one reader wisely asks (I'm paraphrasing): Where were all the amateur copy editors before the correction was issued?:

Alas, rather than criticize, let's give credit where it's due. What's that old saying — go big or go home?

Here's to you, Times of London:

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