It's summertime, and GetReligionista life is complicated

Yes, it's summertime (sing along with the voice of my teen years in Port Arthur, Texas) and, to cut to the chase, the living ain't easy right now for your GetReligionistas.

There is no reason to bother you with the details, but several of us are currently facing medical complications that will involve multiple trips to multiple doctors in the coming days. Add that to the fact that, as regular GetReligion readers will recall, Father George Conger continues to wrestle with the results of his spinal surgery last spring.

And then there is the usual summer travel thing.

At the moment, Bobby is in a minimal Internet zone down in Nicaragua and in the weeks ahead I will be making multiple trips to my beloved Southern Highlands (think Tennessee and North Carolina) as well as another multi-day teaching assignment, this time in St. Petersburg, Fla. (covering journalism material very similar to that used in my recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand).

All of this is to say that GetReligion will not be shutting down for a summer break. We've never done that, over the past nine years.

What we will be doing is slowing down a bit, with our posts coming at the rate of two a day instead of the usual three and sometimes four.

Weekends? As a rule, we try to offer three posts every weekend and I imagine we'll pull off two -- as in one a day -- during the next month or so. But the site will never go dark and there will be something new every day, as usual. We might go a week without a podcast.

So be patient with us and, of course, keep reading. Keep following us on Twitter and retweets are always appreciated. Keep wrestling with Disqus.

Most of all, keep sending us those essential emails pointing us toward the good and the bad religion news in your local and regional newspapers. And it never hurts to send us the national and international stuff either, since we can't see everything (especially when traveling).

Thanks for your help and understanding. We always appreciate the input.

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