CNN asks a clown question, bro

The headline above is a reference to Bryce Harper's response to another silly question from a reporter, but you simply have to check out this collection of utterings from CNN anchor Christine Romans. I'm pretty sure it's the style that sets me off just as much as the content. She really thought that question about feminism was har-har-har funny, didn't she! As the writing world desperately tries to figure out a way to get the Vatican to frown on our writing -- nothing could be better for getting mainstream media attention, it seems -- Amy Welborn offers a reporting tip for journalists seeking out other rebellious Catholic sisters kept down by evil, bad bishops. She warns that it might -- might -- not fit the narrative some in the media seem to be pushing, however.

The context in the clip here, though, is yet another interview with one nun who dissents from Catholic Church teaching on little things like abortion, female ordination and condom use. The anchor makes no pretense of being impartial as she tosses softball questions to her guest Sister Maureen Fiedler, mocking the Vatican's criticism of the LCWR in the process.

Here's a rundown of the questions Romans asked:

CHRISTINE ROMANS: Welcome back to Starting Point. Catholic nuns are going straight to the top today to address these claims that they have strayed from church doctrine. Members from the Leadership Conference of Women Religious will meet with Vatican officials. A report from a church watchdog accuses the group, which represents about 80 percent of Catholic nuns in the United States, of, quote, "radical feminism," and also says they are too silent on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.

But the nuns say officials are focusing too much on what they don't do instead of the good they do perform. Sister Maureen Fiedler is host of the public radio program "Interfaith Voices." Welcome to the program this morning.

ROMANS: So, I'm just curious, are you a feminist or radical feminist? And why exactly is this such a big bone of contention with Rome?

ROMANS: Tell me a little bit about what you're hoping to achieve and what your group is hoping to achieve when you talk to the Vatican and you move forward here. Because clearly there is a very big difference of opinion between the nuns in the U.S., your group, and Rome.

ROMANS: Let me ask you, women can't be priests. Women – if you follow church teaching, can't use contraception. Women -- I mean I guess in the Catholic church, you walk in and Mary is in full view and is – pray to Mary, but women in the church when you look at some of the teachings, is there a war on woman within your church? You add on top of that what's happening with nuns in the U.S., it's a good question.

ROMANS: Sister, is Rome evolving, or are sisters evolving faster than Rome is, is that what the issue here is?

ROMANS: And what about the American Catholic Church compared with Rome? Is this another sign of an American Catholic Church that is – much, is evolving faster than Rome too?

ROMANS: Sister Maureen Fiedler, it's so nice to have you on the program this morning, we'll talk to you again very soon, host of the public radio program "Interfaith Voices." Thank you, have a nice day.

In the immortal words of Dan Rather, Courage!

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