Pod people: Case of the missing 'W'

On this week's Crossroads, host Todd Wilken and I talk about one of my favorite subjects: journalism. Oh, we mix in a little religion, too.

More specifically, we review the five W's and H.

That discussion relates to my recent GetReligion post on a Seattle story:

In the Pacific Northwest, some Roman Catholic churches in the Seattle area have declined to circulate a petition calling for a referendum on Washington state’s new same-sex marriage law.

From Reuters to ABC News, the churches’ decision to steer clear of the political battle has drawn national media attention.

The key news peg: Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, citing the “critically important”nature of the issue, encouraged — but did not demand — the gathering of signatures in parishes.

In general, the Seattle coverage missed perhaps the most important "W," as in "Why?" Why did the parishes go against Archbishop J. Peter Sartain's desire to see signatures collected?

Sticking with the journalism theme, Wilken and I also discuss the religion ghost that I identified in a post on a Texas lottery story. Despite a prominent mention of Baptists in newspaper headlines, coverage focused on the political and economic reasons with no mention of moral objections.

Finally, what podcast would be complete without a question or two related to the media coverage of a pastor who used a lion and a lamb (live, breathing ones!) in his Easter sermons?

Wilken asks excellent questions, and I do my best to provide compelling answers. Enjoy the podcast. The Oklahoma twang is free.

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