Pod people: Boycotts and puppies

Several of you felt passionately about Archbishop Charles Chaput's boycott on the New York Times and jumped into a lively discussion about expectations between religion reporters and religious leaders. Then we discussed the various challenges for reporters with online media and how reporters balance puppy stories with broccoli stories. Guess what: I discuss these juicy topics on our third GetReligion podcast. Load the podcast, right click the "direct download link" and save the file to your computer desktop. Drag it into iTunes files or where you keep your audio files. When we have the RSS feed running, Android people (like me) can download the "Listen" app from Google and listen from your phone.

My podcast time tends to come towards the end of the day when I'm doing dishes, taking a walk or going on a bike ride. How do you find time to listen to podcasts? What's on your list?

My podcast subscriptions include "Fresh Air," "On the Media," "This American Life," "Radio Lab," "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" and Slate's "Political Gabfest." I don't listen to each episode, but each podcast caters to my various interests: interviews, analysis, stories, geekdom, humor and conversation. I dream of meeting Terry Gross, Ira Glass and Peter Sagal one day. Go ahead, judge me. Tell me what podcasts I'm missing out on.

Give us some feedback. What do you look for in a podcast?

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