Pod people: John Henry Newman ink (MZ)

The second GetReligion podcast is up and running and it happened quicker than I expected. This time around, the voice you'll here is that of the Divine Mrs. M.Z. Hemingway discussing the media coverage -- secular and religious -- of the Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman. Once again, the purpose of the podcast is to let her go a big deeper into the discussion of a topic that, when addressed in a recent post, fired up quite a bit of discussion. The conversation then spins off in several interesting directions.

It appears that some of the technical issues we were having are getting worked out, but we are not completely out of the digital woods.

At this stage -- until the iTunes page is up and running -- the key is to load the whole podcast and then, using the direct download link, right click and save the file to your computer desktop. You can then drag it into your iTunes files, or whatever system you use for storing audio files. It's tricky, but it works.

Anyway, we are still working out all the details. We thank you for your patience. Please offer feedback on these initial efforts and help us improve them.

Whenever there is a new podcast, we will file one of these short "Pod people" posts. Thus, you'll be able to glance through them in the new "Podcasts" category in the archives and find them in searches, using that slug line. We are considering other filing options as well.

So, how many of you are podcasts in the car people? Commuter trains? Material for iPod use during boring sermons?


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