Ch-ch-ch-ch changes (again)

I am sad (and slightly stressed out) to report that we have some more changes ahead here at GetReligion. For starters, veteran religion reporter and author Steve Rabey has accepted a teaching post at the Air Force Academy and, when stacked on top of his many other writing duties, he has decided that he can't -- week after weekend (and even weekends) -- swim up the waterfall that is the email torrent shared by the folks who work on this here blog.

Trust me. I understand, and I wish him well. I do hope that he sends us URLs every now and then about happenings in the "Wheaton of the West" (the evangelical insider name for Colorado Springs).

At the same time, young master Brad Greenberg is going to be cutting back his postings -- a little bit -- in the months ahead due to the weight of all of those readings in year one of law school. He won't vanish on us until the earthquake (sorry, bad image for Southern California) that is finals and then he'll be back. Meanwhile, he remains a loyal gatekeeper over at his old stomping grounds -- The God Blog.

We hope to have a new scribe on board fairly soon, although that will be slowed a bit by extra duties next week that will take me to Atlanta for (yes, another education complication) the International Forum on Christian Higher Education, a Council for Christian Colleges and Universities project that will pull people in from all over the place. Click here if you want to see the plenary speaker list, which is topped by a rather controversial figure on the cultural left and right -- Dr. Francis S. Collins.

We will carry on doing what we do, one way or another.

Stay tuned. Yes, the headline is a reference to that David Bowie classic.

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