A case of mistaken photography

Picture-1Slate has an awesome annual feature called 80 over 80. It ranks the country's most powerful politicians, businessmen, and cultural leaders who are in their ninth decade. Ranked according to their power and importance, look who comes in at #1:

The top spot this year goes to 82-year-old Thomas S. Monson, president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the only person on the list to rule over millions of people as a prophet of God. Enjoy it while you can, Monson--you're only old once.

Quite an honor.

Less of an honor? They got his picture wrong. I took a screen shot of what they had and it's pictured at right. Here's a link to the actual mug of President Monson. His real picture shows a surprisingly young-looking octogenarian, too. It's shocking how good some of the 80-year-olds look (Cloris Leachman, I'm talking to you) and how others aren't doing so well (Sorry, Mr. Saggy Hugh Hefner).

Anyway, there are other folks on the list with some interesting religion angles. The world's richest Sunday School teacher (and Chik-fil-A founder) S. Truett Cathy, physician-assisted suicide champion and Mike Wallace chum Jack Kevorkian, Buddhist-influenced poet W.S. Merwin, "uber-hottie, anti-feminist" (according to the Los Angeles Times, at least) Phyllis Schlafly, Jewish writer Cynthia Ozick, and national spiritual counselor Billy Graham. There might be others, but those were the ones I recognized.

And at least their pictures were correct.

(H/T to A Soft Answer and Motley Vision)

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