God only thinks he's Mitch Barnhart

A story on ESPN.com, describing the uncertain future of basketball coach Billy Gillispie at the University of Kentucky, vividly illustrates the dangers of trying to fill in the blanks:

Asked about how he feels about all the judgment he's facing after posing a 40-27 record in two seasons at Kentucky, Gillispie said: "There's only one judgment I'll ever be concerned about, and I hope I pass that judgment. That's the only one I'll ever be concerned about, and I'm really proud that that's the only judgment that will ever have a real effect on me, and I hope I pass that one with flying colors."

Gillispie declined to answer when asked whose judgment he was referring to, saying it was obvious, apparently referring to Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart.

When Gillispie became basketball coach at the University of Kentucky, after stints at Baylor and several other universities, TV station WAVE of Louisville mentioned his affiliation with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The Medical Leader, a weekly newsletter of the Pikeville (Ky.) Medical Center, reported on Gillispie's remarks during an FCA fundraising luncheon in June 2007.

Hat tip: Zachary Klemme, a student at the Washington Journalism Center, where tmatt holds forth. Video: Earlier in the basketball season, ESPN and the coach communicated with greater clarity. Gillispie discussed his fondness for Dr Pepper and peanut-butter crackers, and various minor superstitions.

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