Raiding GetReligion's vault o' hits

5Neat.jpgGetReligion celebrates its fifth anniversary this week, and contributors will mark the occasion with lists of our five favorite posts from the past year. I'll kick this off. I returned to GetReligion in October, so my choice of posts was more limited than in previous years. These are the posts that I most enjoyed writing and, in some cases, defending.

Absolute rubbish -- In which Newsweek film critic David Ansen compares alcoholism and belief in absolutes.

Gangster of love -- If I were writing this post today, I would leave out my gratuitous joke about hate crime. Otherwise, I have no regrets about my treatment of Keith Olbermann's poorly informed hectoring of Californians who voted for Proposition 8.

Quinn to Obama: Come worship pluralism -- One of these days, Jon Meacham may repent for persuading Sally Quinn to begin writing about religion. I do not post every time Quinn shows her lack of competence to cover this beat, but sometimes her coverage is so horrible that I must protest.

Marilynne Robinson on science and faith -- I didn't write much commentary on this post, but I called attention to a worthy Q&A in which an acclaimed novelist discussed her faith in (eventually) satisfying detail.

Fearless predictions -- In which I confess my feelings about Top Religion Story lists by -- well, by mocking them.

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