Have a happier Thanksgiving

colobedWell, you have to admit that this Texas-sized story is a whole lot more exciting to write about than a monk from Dallas being elected leader of the scandal-rocked Orthodox Church in America. Right? I mean, there's a Texas Baptist pastor urging his flock to get down and have a lot of sex before Thanksgiving. Just do it! Film at 11? Anyway, the Dallas Morning News jumps right on this story, thank you very much:

God may have rested on the seventh day, but the Rev. Ed Young wants married couples to have sex all week long.

Once a day.

Beginning this Sunday.

The call to action will headline his sermon that day at Grapevine-based Fellowship Church. He plans to deliver his challenge while sitting on a bed.

"I won't be dressed in pajamas," the pastor says.

In these days of financial crisis, rampant divorce and debates over same-sex marriage, it's time, he says, to turn the "whining" into "whoopee." More fundamentally, he adds, the embracing of sex is about nurturing and strengthening marriages.

"Sex is like Super Glue. It's a spiritual thing, an emotional thing," he says.

Now, you know there has to be a controversial angle to this story. Well, this pastor thinks that sex is supposed to involved a man and a woman. Who are married. To each other. He thinks this is in the Bible. It's shocking.

Personally, I think this mini-trend -- the News has quotes from a Florida pastor preaching a 30-day sex sermon -- is linked to a book that's causing some heat at the moment. I refer, of course, to "365 Nights: A Memoir of Intimacy" by Charla Muller. This sermon sounds like "365 Nights -- Lite."

Anyway, this is clearly big news. An evangelical talking about great sex is like a National Council of Churches leader talking about evangelism. It's the man bites dog syndrome. Or is it? Does the News crew know that semi-variations on this theme come around every decade ago in conservative church circles?

Can you say "Total Woman"? I knew that you could.

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