Palin and the born-again Baldwin

The Associated Press television writer David Bauder deserves credit for catching the somewhat subtle religion ghost in one of the two Saturday Night Live skits involving Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

The skit involved Palin, who, while watching actress Tina Fey portray her at a mock press conference, was shown discussing with SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels the merits of Fey's performance. Then 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin walks up and -- mistaking Palin for Fey -- makes some remarks that lead to a rather uncomfortable/awkward moment.

The following exchange ensued:

When Michaels introduced him to Palin, Baldwin feigned embarrassment and replied: "I see. Forgive me. I feel I must say this: You are way hotter in person."

Palin got even, saying: "Thank you, and I must say, your brother Stephen is my favorite Baldwin brother." Stephen Baldwin is a born-again Christian who attended the Republican national convention in 2004.

The reference is subtle enough that many people missed it or just failed to mention it. I know while watching the show Sunday morning (after a good night's sleep) I didn't pick up on the reference. I wonder whether the SNL writers knew the connection they were making between Palin and the other Baldwin?

Credit also should go to the AP for not using the overly used, difficult to define term "evangelical" and instead identifying Stephen Baldwin as a born-again Christian. Jimmy Carter back in the 1970s gave reporters an education on what means.

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