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map jesusland libertySo, who is the better Christian in the White House race? The Times of London claims that it wants to know.


Things don't look good for the old mainline Protestant -- that would be Sen. John McCain -- but the new era of Oprah-friendly liberal Protestantism is doing just fine. Sen. Barack Obama's United Church of Christ brand of faith is a hit on the other side of the Atlantic, while the numbers in the pews here in the U.S. are nothing to write home about.

Meanwhile, you can probably imagine what Times readers think of Gov. Sarah Palin.

I realize that this is a joke, kind of. At the same time, I think this is a window into the attitudes of British newspaper readers when it comes to thinking about red-zip-code America.

Here's hoping that, when this thing has run its course, and all of the snickers have stopped, that Ruth Gledhill asks the "Articles of Faith" tech team to publish a map showing who voted for whom, according to nation and region.

I think it's safe to say that the American map will look rather like....

Oh well, nevermind.

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