Good sport award for this week

family life entrance 1It is my deep conviction that many religious people, and certainly most conservative Christians, do not "get" the important role that the press plays in a free society -- just as many or most journalists do not "get" religion. Thus, it is one of the articles of faith here at that journalism will be improved by people who love it, as opposed to people who hate it.

In this spirit, let me point out this lovely act of good will by the Rev. Larry Kroon of Wasilla Bible Church, a pastor who -- to say the least -- is probably tired of seeing legions (or packs) of journalists at his door.

As the Associated Press reported:

The nondenominational congregation where Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and her family worship was carrying on services as usual this morning, but with a few extra guests. ...

Kroon began services asking any reporters who might be in the crowd to respect church members' opportunity to worship. He then asked the 300 congregants at the first of two morning services to pray for all of the candidates for president and vice president, and to be thankful that all four are willing to provide the nation with their public service.

He also urged churchgoers to "pray for the press." Kroon says the media are to be "cherished and respected," citing 19th century philosopher Alexander de Tocqueville's (deh-TOHK-vill) works describing a free press and freedom of religion as essential pillars of democracy.

And all the people said, "Amen."

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