And this just in.... (updated)

checkThose who are not deep into the comments thread on the Rick Warren post will want to note this development. (cue: quiet drum roll)

CORRECTION (published June 12, 2008): Rick Warren did not announce the visit of a group of gay fathers to his Saddleback Church on Father's Day, nor did he or his staff initiate it--as this story originally reported. The group, which has ties to the gay activist organization SoulForce, plans to attend church at Saddleback on Father's Day and will meet with members of the Saddleback staff the following day. Neither Warren nor his wife Kay will attend the meeting.

To anyone reading this at Newsweek, the GetReligionistas thank you.

And over at the New York Times online site:

POSTSCRIPT: Following news of the plan by gay fathers to attend Saddleback Church this coming Sunday, the church's pastor, Rev. Rick Warren, has issued a statement clarifying the church's role. "We did not invite this group, and I will not be meeting with them," he said, adding that he had a previous commitment and would not be in church on Sunday.

And thanks to the GetReligion readers at the Times, too. I cannot stress enough that the corrections team at the Times works with amazing energy and attention to detail. Our paths have crossed in the past and we have great respect for that desk.

Oh yes, and thanks to Pastor Rick Warren for writing in -- on the record. It was good to hear from him again.

UPDATED: The staff at SoulForce urge readers to check out their actual press released text. Click here for that information, which they believe shows that the error was totally by Newsweek and, we must assume, through that story the New York Times. The movement's belief that Warren would take part in their meetings centered on email correspondence that SoulForce has not made public.

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