Thanks Andrew! What else?

andrew sullivanLast weekend GetReligion received a nice hat tip from one of the pioneers and leaders in the world of blogging, Andrew Sullivan. The post Sullivan linked to was hardly one of the more exciting we have had lately, but for some reason analysis of a Vermont's newspaper's coverage of church-going atheists caught The Daily Dish's eye. Apparently Sullivan noticed that atheists seek out churches for the purpose of community. Seeking community is a frequent theme of Sullivan's on his blog and perhaps it's an issue journalists could focus more on when covering church issues.

Sullivan, since joining The's stable of bloggers, posts 35-50 times a day, sometimes with more extended analysis, but more often than not it's a post with a word or two describing the contents of a link and occasionally a block of text.

Unfortunately for fans of religion news analysis, Sullivan didn't include any commentary in his post.

So, hey, we would be curious to know whether he tracks GetReligion at all (perhaps one of his interns visits from time to time) or has any thoughts on the media's coverage of religion. It is easy to find out what he thinks about the media's coverage of issues such as The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., political soap opera, but what about the media's coverage of the day-to-day religious issues in America?

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