Anglicans: Say what?

hereford cathedral priddis 270Here's another quick one, while we all dive into the pre-papal visit tsunami. I have one question for GetReligion readers. Is the following Onion-style, April 1 connected satire? Only, to my knowledge, Interfax has never gone in for the whole BBC fake news on April 1 tradition (you must click here for this year's stunt).

So we are left with this text, which is the whole item.

The Anglican Church to face a new clerical reform

London, April 1, Interfax -- Certain Anglican Commonwealth churches will simplify rules of ordaining clerics next year.

"Realities of today's life require revision of certain canons and rules. We have agreed to women clergy and ordination of open gays, but we shouldn't stop on the achieved," the Rev Anthony Priddis, the Bishop of Hereford said in his interview to the Monday Telegraph.

Three years ago he gained popularity for supporting a woman-priest who had changed sex.

According to Priddis, next year not only Christians would be able to become Anglican priests.

"When you a person is hired, especially to a British state religious organization he shouldn't be discriminated for his confession. The Anglican Church should give an example of fighting against xenophobia in our multicultural tolerant society and give equal opportunities to all people no matter if they believe in God, gods or any other power," the bishop stressed.

Priddis has not excluded the possibility of future ordaining atheists in the Anglican Church, the weekly reports.

Clues? I cannot find a Telegraph interview saying this. Can you?

There will always be an England. I mean, hey, everyone knows that flying penguins is April 1 satire. But Anglican bishops ordaining atheists and members of other faiths? That one is too close to call. If you are doing satire, you need to make it obvious.

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