B16: From our "no comment" department

Here's the top of a last-minute story in the Belfast Telegraph.

Pope to begin three-day visit to United States

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI is due to arrive in the United States today for his first papal visit to the country.

The Pontiff will be welcomed at Andrews Air Force Base by President George W Bush this afternoon before visiting the White House tomorrow. He will then head into Washington DC in his bullet-proof "pope-mobile".

Of course, the pope has already landed -- but that's not the problem.

As the wags note over at the Catholic World News "Off the Record" weblog, the visit begins today and the pope departs on Sunday night.

Let's see that is five days. Am I doing the math right?

Meanwhile, over at National Public Radio, there is this new headline on one of their audio reports:

Pope Embarks on Weeklong U.S. Visit

Uh, here's the official schedule. It's pretty easy to read. I think.

It's going to be a long three to seven days.

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