Even more Pope

ratzinger 01Earlier in the month, I directed readers to some of the better media sites previewing Pope Benedict XVI's upcoming visit to the United States. I have two revisions to that list. I completely neglected to mention the National Catholic Register's regularly updated Pope 2008 blog. It's a rather comprehensive blog pointing readers to media coverage in other papers. They've been following the kerfuffle caused by Gary Stern's piece that ran in Gannett papers and taking note of the inevitable "How might the Pope's visit influence the elections" articles that have already begun cropping up.

Another site that readers may want to bookmark is the Washington Post's Pope Watch. Religion reporter Jacqueline Salmon notified us of its arrival and while it got a late start on the game -- only arriving this month -- it's worth reading. Salmon's latest post is on some of the controversy surrounding the musical selections for the mass that will be held at the Nationals Park. (Important side note: I just got my tickets to opening night at this new ballpark! Whoo hoo!)

I hope these blogs help newsrooms see how multi-media approaches and interactive media formats can better connect with readers and viewers. Let us know if you see any particularly good product on these sites.

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