Strange style twist of the day

jesus 15The Los Angeles Times has a pretty off-the-rack news feature in print today about the Rev. Mike Huckabee and his ongoing "miracles happen" campaign for president, vice president, syndicated talk-show host, Rolling Stones bass player or whatever. It has all the usual touches centering on his moral-conservatism-with-a-smile approach. So, to the surprise of no one, reporter James Rainey ends up quoting people who are -- literally -- true believers in Huckabee's cause.

And that's where things get a bit strange. Check out this passage and tell me if you see anything strange in the news-style department. I'll run an extra paragraph or two, just to make it less obvious. Ready?

Fans like Karan Johnson of Platteville, who came to a rally ... at a hotel in downtown Madison, said they hoped to fulfill Huckabee's dream scenario -- a Wisconsin victory that would unsettle the sense of McCain as the inevitable Republican winner.

"I think it's awesome he is not worrying about offending the Republican Party; he is thinking about us," said Johnson, a weight management coach, who also appreciates Huckabee for his success in dropping more than 100 pounds several years ago. "It's about the people's voices right here in this room and in Ohio and in Texas. They should still have a say.

"I believe God has a plan for this man's life," added Johnson, a self-described Christian, "and I think it's to go all the way to the White House."

Johnson is a WHAT?!?!? Did another adjective drop out of there, like, well, "fundamentalist" or "evangelical"?

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