USA Today enters Godblog world

new USA todayIt appears that there is yet another new religion-news blog in this here marketplace, courtesy of USA Today religion-beat veteran Cathy Lynn Grossman. It's called "The Idea Club," which is then defined as "discussions on spiritual, religious and ethical issues in the news." Click here for the link to the first post. I think that this -- click here -- is the link to the weblog itself, but it is kind of hard to tell.

Thus saith the defining post from Grossman:

Thoughtful readers, this is your blog. It's here on my personal page because I write about values and visions, religious beliefs and spiritual ideas. But you readers will be the voices in this exchange of ideas.

Every Thursday on the religion page, I'll have a new question for you to discuss and (respectfully) debate, one that arises from USA TODAY's coverage of religion, ethics and spirituality in the news and popular culture. You can share your viewpoint and the readings or experiences that shaped it. Introduce yourself, if you like, to make this like a book club, minus the book.

My only requests: Stay polite and, if possible, keep your post short. Maybe you loved writing term papers in college. Not I!

The opening topic? The impact of the movie The Golden Compass, with Grossman asking readers if their faith has ever been touched by a work of fiction.

Well, my favorite book in the world is The Great Divorce. Is that a work of fiction or a theological essay in parable form? Maybe I'll leave that question at "The Idea Club."

Check out Grossman's blog. At the very least, I hope it provides an easier way to keep up with her work. USA Today has long needed a simple way to keep up with its religion content. So here is the link for that catch-all religion section, again.

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