Oh, those warring Episcopals

05 magnet offer smallThere is no way to read all of the coverage of today's vote, by the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, based in Fresno in central California, to cut ties to the U.S. Episcopal Church. The top of the Episcopal News Service report, to the credit of that agency, plays the story very straight:

Delegates attending the 48th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin on Saturday, December 8, overwhelmingly voted to leave the Episcopal Church and to align with the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone.

San Joaquin Bishop John-David Schofield asked for a moment of silence in deference to those who opposed the change, reminding the gathering that he "knows what it feels like to be a minority" before the vote tallies were read. The results, by orders were: 70-12 clergy and 103-10 vote in the lay order to effectively remove all references to the Episcopal Church from its constitution and describe the diocese as "a constituent member of the Anglican Communion and in full communion with the See of Canterbury."

You can see several sides of the local, regional, national and global conflict in that brief passage.

If you want to try to keep up, the Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon at TitusOneNine -- one of the key digital crossroads for traditionalists in the Anglican Communion -- has a giant collection of links going as a guide to the mainstream coverage. Please use this post as an open GetReligion thread for early comments on the coverage as we await the tsunami tomorrow.

Meanwhile, care to vote? Which of the mainstream reports does the best job of balancing the four levels of the decision? Which does the worst job, in terms of favoring the national over the global or some other common mistake?

So far, my favorite screwed up headline is this one over at Yahoo News: "Historic split for U.S. Episcopals."

Again and again we note for copy desks everywhere that "Episcopal" is the adjective and "Episcopalian" is the noun. So there.

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