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Winter solstice LW2First, you click here. Then you click here, where you will read the following by Michael Landauer of the Dallas Morning News.

Happy Solstice!

10:05 AM Fri, Dec 21, 2007

I think it's swell that we had a story today on the Solstice event that is expected to draw 700 people tonight. I mean that. It was well done and very interesting.

But I just wonder why our newspaper never even mentioned Prestonwood's Christmas program this year. Biggest church in the area, at least in terms of Christmas celebrations, and I can't find a single word about their mammoth Christmas program in our library. Their Gloria program, by the way, was attended by 20,000.

I just can't imagine why people think journalists don't "get" religious people.

OK, go ahead. Click here, too. It's not that hard to cover these kinds of stories.

You know, I am almost certain that there are quite a few Baptists and other evangelicals in the Dallas Morning News circulation zone.

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