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puzzlepieceAs I have noted in the past, there are newspapers out there that make it very easy to find their religion news reports -- no matter what section -- and there are those that just don't get it. In my humble opinion, this is especially tragic when a newspaper (think Orlando Sentinel) has one of the top religion-beat pros on the planet.

But I digress.

I also need to add another paragraph or two to see if I can get the following awkward paragraph with the giant URL to wrap around this graphic without leaving a big white hole in this quick post.

There. That's a little better.

I simply wanted, as a public service, to note the following interesting "Articles about religion and belief" link -- -- buried in the redesigned New York Times website, deep down there in the Times topics grid. Do not attempt to memorize this link.

I do not know if this gets you to all of the newspaper's religion content, even when it crosses over into arts and op-ed. I know it can't hunt the ghosts for you.

Still, it's progress.

Has anyone out there spotted any other new, clear links to religion sections and, even better, religion news work that crosses all the borders inside the newspaper?

Dish, folks.

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