Lott: What Pat Robertson was doing

kissykissygiulianiUnder normal conditions, we do not go out of our way to feature the work of outside writers. But in this case, there is this interesting commentary piece by an outside writer who used to be an inside writer. That would, of course, be former GetReligionista Jeremy Lott, known in many parts of the world as Capt. Hypocrisy, because of his provocative little book In Defense of Hypocrisy.

Well, Jeremy has a new commentary on one of the stories that has really kicked up some fur in religion-news land, which would be the strange wedding of Rudy Giuliani and the Rev. Pat Robertson. What was that all about? Young Jeremy takes a shot at an answer.

Click here to read his whole piece in The Guardian, but here is a sample of "Here's to you, Reverend Robertson":

From a self-interested point of view, however, the endorsement made a great deal of sense. Each man offered something the other badly wants.

Giuliani wants to have a chance with the evangelical and Pentecostal voters who watch Robertson's 700 Club and Christian Broadcasting Network in great numbers, as a major news source. Robertson's endorsement ensures that the coverage of Giuliani will be positive, and that his positions on social issues will be downplayed.

Giuliani presents Robertson and the rest of the religious right an offer that may prove very hard to refuse. He will work with them on their pet issues, certainly; more importantly, he will respect them, which is something Democrats seem constitutionally incapable of doing.

There are other takes on this issue out there, of course. Click here for Michael Gerson's take on the "kingmaker" syndrome, offered in a new essay in Newsweek. Use the comments pages to alert GetReligion readers to any other newsy takes on this issue that you have seen, post-"Evangelical Crackup."

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