Can Eddie Eagle get an amen?

EddieEagleIn the latest Time, Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy provide an informative and lively report on the media-averse Council for National Policy and its threat to go all Ross Perot on the Republican Party if it dares to nominate the pro-choice (but also pro-constructionist) Rudy Giuliani. But then comes this non sequitur, which takes the ever-cloudier definition of a simple word -- evangelical -- into still worse realms of smoke and mirrors:

The party's right wing has been flapping for months at the prospect of a pro-choice Republican nominee. But Giuliani is also pro-immigration, pro-gun control and sufficiently indifferent to Evangelical sensibilities to interrupt his let's-kiss-and-make-up speech at the National Rifle Association and take a cell-phone call from his third wife, whose very existence is a reminder of how little they all have in common.

Eddie Eagle was unavailable for comment, as he was still conferring with the cast of Adventures in Odyssey.

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