Is nothing sacred?!?

icedteaOK, I admit it. I have searched and searched and I cannot find a religion angle in this New York Times story.

But still. ...

I am from the Bible Belt and there are things that are sacred down there that do not have obvious theological content. As Garrison Keillor would note, there is nothing intrinsically sacramental about a well-made tuna casserole at the weekly church potluck, but anyone who has ever lived in the Lutheran Belt knows that the theological content is there nevertheless. The same thing is tree in fellowship halls in places like Texas and Georgia.

So, can you spot the scandal, the rank heresy, in the following piece of Andrew Martin's story? I have made it rather obvious:

As students return to school this week, some are finding unusual entries on the list of class rules: fewer fried foods, smaller servings and no cupcakes.

School districts across the country have been taking steps to make food in schools healthier because of new federal guidelines and awareness that a growing number of children are overweight.

In California, deep fryers have been banned, so chicken nuggets and fries are now baked. Sweet tea is off the menu in one Alabama school. In New Jersey, 20-ounce sports drinks have been cut back to 12 ounces.

Lord have mercy!

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