Influential? We GetReligionistas?

banner faithcentral2Why thank you. Jolly good (and other silly things that Americans think we are supposed to say to sound a wee bit British). Texans would say, "Thanks a bunch."

It seems that the Faith Central blog at The Times -- led by writer and broadcaster Libby Purves -- has decided to create a handy collection of, well, here is what the introduction to the list says:

30 Most influential religion blogs

Bloggers about religion blog religiously so Faith Central has compiled a list of the most influential among them. In no particular order, this is intended to evolve, so let us know your suggestions.

So if you scan down a bit, you will find the following reference:

Get Religion

A blog on religious affairs and based on the premise that the press just don't get religion. Based in Washington D.C. this is the blogchild of the Oxford Centre for Religion in Public Life.

Representative quote: "What struck me was the blunt description of these fighters as 'Islamic militants'. This seems to me to be too direct a link between the faith of Islam and the actions of the militants."

We point this out for two reasons: (1) We are all in favor of more online guides to resources linked to religion and the news. (2) Then, well, you know, there's sinful pride and all that other stuff.

But seriously, this is a rather global and interfaith list, which is always a good thing. You might want to bookmark it.

You might want to write in to make some suggestions of your own. For starters, I think they should look to Dallas and consider adding Rod Dreher's Crunchy Con blog as well as The Dallas Morning News' religion site. The Rev. Canon Kendall Harmon's TitusOneNine blog has readers all over the world, too, and covers resources linked to many faith issues other than the Anglican wars (with links on left and right). They should look at Amy Welborn's open book, too.

And your nominations? I mean, other than simply pointing to Beliefnet's BlogHeaven library. That would be cheating.

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