It's in the book of Baba

SathyasaibabaReader FzxGkJssFrk (is that his birth name, I wonder?), passed along a piece from ESPN's Jemele Hill about National Football League rookie Terreal Bierria. The article is rather interesting but the reader noticed something amiss in this passage:

If Bierria never played in the NFL again, he could handle it. He believes everything -- even the bad things -- happens for a reason. A phrase in the Bible echoes in his head. It goes: "It's only in the depths of silence that the voice of God can be heard." Although life without football is more silent than he imagined.

Mr. FzxGkJssFrk said he didn't think it sounded like the Bible but proceeded to look for it on BibleGateway. After coming up with nothing, he thinks he found the source of the quote: Sathya Sai Baba. He is not one of the authors of the Bible but is an Indian guru and religious leader. FzxGkJssFrk said:

I know we're all ecumenical and big-tent now, but isn't extending Monsieur Baba the privilege of adding to the canon taking things just a bit far?

Too funny. A good reminder for reporters to check the sources of quotes. Even on ESPN. Feel free to share your favorite similar reporter gaffe.

Photo via Sakhya.

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