Get your GetReligion swag

jitcrunch aspxI warned you that there would soon be some kind of GetReligion store. We do not, at this point, have an official M.Z. Hemingway baby shower account set up at CafePress, but that is a possibility. Please note that the one-piece baby suit comes in blue and white, as well as the fashion-era hot pink. You may want to delay your orders for a few more weeks, pending additional input from Ms. Hemingway and Co.

Hey, M.Z., would the pink or the blue go better -- at this point -- with the highlights in your hair?

Like I said in an earlier post, we elected to avoid having a GetReligion thong and we skipped the controversy of having men's boxers in the menu, too.

The official beer stein is available for use by Lutherans, Catholics, Anglicans, Southern Baptists in parts of Kentucky and others who have no doctrinal problems with that part of God's creation. The rest of you guys are on an honor system.

With a nod to my Orthodox friends who live and grill in the Sunbelt, I should note that the barbecue apron should be used only during non-fasting seasons. Also, I have no interest in hearing anyone's claims that tofu works just fine on a grill (although I hear that shrimp is another matter).

So what else do you think we need to add to this rough draft of the GetReligion swag store?

I wonder if they would do book covers that could be used on either Bibles or Associated Press Stylebooks?

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