Wait, that isn't Jeremy Lott!

dougleblanc 01Faithful readers of GetReligion will remember the name Jeremy Lott, who was part of our non-Borg for quite some time in the early days. Well, the youngster ran off to write that In Defense of Hypocrisy book and lots of other things. He also started up a blog at JeremyLott.net to help promote the book and his somewhat bizarre (at least to me) Catholic Libertarian take on the world.

However, at the moment, if you go to that site you will find another familiar face -- that of the Rt. Rev. Douglas LeBlanc. Why?

And in the role of guest blogger ... Posted by Jeremy Lott under Sermons and soda water

For the next two weeks my friend and old colleague Doug LeBlanc will be doing the honors at JeremyLott.net. LeBlanc was my editor at Christianity Today and a co-blogger at GetReligion.org. He has a keen interest in pop culture, politics, and all things Episcopalian. So he should fit right in here.

So the former GetReligion blogger is being replaced, for a fortnight, by the sometimes GetReligion blogger that we all wish we could read more often. So get over there and get your LeBlanc-ian fix. I mean, it's worth a cyber-trip just for the post about Paris Hilton, Alexandra Pelosi, President Bush and the sex life of one of the faithful in the congregation of the former Rev. Ted Haggard. Honest.

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