Yes, MZ has a good reason for silence

ByteStorLet me jump in here with a short personal note from your GetReligion crew. If it seems that the Divine Mrs. MZ has been quiet for a few days, there is a good reason for that. On Friday, someone broke into the Hemingways' apartment -- along with several others in the building -- and stole all kinds of things, not the least of which was Mollie's laptop computer.

Now the key here is that not only did they steal her laptop. Whoever did this (are there anti-Lutheran hate groups?) stole all of her computer equipment. He, she or it stole the whole shooting match. Not only did she lose the laptop containing the text and reseach for her forthcoming book on how America's public language on religion keeps changing, but the thief also took the system in which all of this was backed up.

Mollie does have a text, but this is a serious setback. On top of that, Mollie has been called for jury duty. We hope she can get back online soon, because she is missed.

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