Update on our 5Q+1 process

A Question Mark on Stained Glass Posters2Coming soon One of the goals of GetReligion is to have a two-way conversation with journalists. We do that in the posts and comments pages, of course, but we also want to try something new.

In the near future we will begin an series of occasional posts that we will call "5Q+1." The goal is talk to journalists whose work involves religious issues and events, whether they are assigned to the Godbeat or not. We hope to ask a few basic questions and store the answers in this pull-down archive on the masthead.

What kind of questions? Here's what we're thinking:

(1) Where do you like to get your news about religion?

(2) What is the most important religion story right now that you think the mainstream media just don't get?

(3) What is the story that you'll be watching carefully in the next year or two?

(4) Why is it important for journalists to understand the role of religion in our world today?

(5) What's the funniest, most ironic twist that you've seen in a religion news story lately?

And the +1 or "fill in the blanks" question is: Do you have anything else you want to tell us about religion coverage in the mainstream news media?

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