Father Ted Haggard? Say what?

AmyHaggard1After a wild Friday on the Colorado Springs front, I think I can safely say that there is more news and fallout to come. There does not seem, however, to be much new in the basic stories today. Here is a link to the ongoing coverage at the Colorado Springs Gazette, which, of course, has the best collection of local sidebars out there at the moment (for those who care about the impact of all of this on that giant New Life congregation). It does appear that Haggard will address the congregation on Sunday.

I wonder if that is the event that totally pulls the TV networks into this pre-election firestorm.

Timing, timing, timing.

However, on a personal note, I will be away from my computer keyboard all of today, speaking at a national Orthodox Christian Laity conference here in Baltimore at the College of Notre Dame.

The topic is "The Present State & Future of Orthodoxy in America." Speakers include Archbishop Lazar of the All American Saints Monastery in British Columbia, Father Peter Gillquist of the Antiochian Orthodox Department of Missions and Evangelism, Andrew Natsios, formerly of the U.S. State Department and now the White House special envoy for Sudan, and others. My topic is "So What Do the Converts Want, Anyway?" I do not know if audio or text versions of the talks will be posted in the future. I will ask. I am not expecting coverage in the Baltimore Sun.

Please keep us posted on major stories that you see today about the Ted Haggard story (please leave comments with URLs on the many posts already up) and also the coverage of the consecration of the new presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church and any pre-election developments. It will be a busy day.

But before I vanish I wanted to point GetReligion readers toward an interesting graphic that was included with a longer post at Amy Welborn's Open Book site. Click here to see her whole post.

It seems that the WTSP-TV producers in Tampa Bay had a rather one-track mind when they selected art for their website's original post of the Haggard story. Then the folks at the CBS affiliate changed the art to something that, in some ways, was even worse. Welborn explains the sequence.

Now it appears that the art is totally gone.

I had no idea that Haggard was a Roman Catholic priest. I also had no idea that this story was directly linked to Holy Week. Yes, Easter has to follow Good Friday. But I don't think that theological point was what the producers were thinking about.

Now, the station has added this correction at the end of the article:

WTSP apologizes for our earlier inclusion of a photograph of a Roman Catholic priest's collar. The inclusion of the photo was not intentional.


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