At least the Sun is consistent

To my amazement, the Baltimore Sun continues to do something that must be really, really hard -- offer virtually faith-free coverage of the Amish school massacre in Nickel Mines, Pa. The Sun did it the other day and now they've done it again. It's amazing. This new story is about the razing of the blood-stained school. Reporter Jonathan Pitts does note, quoting Bart Township Fire Company spokesman Mike Hart:

A crew of about 40 brought the building down in less than 20 minutes as a small group of Amish looked on. Later, workers with backhoes filled the gaping hole with topsoil.

"It's not like the Amish to leave a permanent memorial," Hart said. "They don't believe in individual attention that way. One day the place will look like a pasture."

Now, I bet there's a reason the Amish don't like to call attention to themselves. I bet there's a reason they do not create memorials of this kind. I know the Amish are hard to interview, but I bet that someone in Lancaster County can fill in some of the details here. I am almost positive that there is a religious angle to this story. It's up there. You think?

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