Mollie has left the building

lf071461Even as we speak, the journalist previously known as Mollie Ziegler -- soon to be professionally known as M.Z. Hemingway -- is preparing to walk down a church aisle and tie the knot. Pass the tissues, folks. It goes without saying that her colleagues here at GetReligion wish her well and plan to throw a shindig for her (Lutheran rules will apply) as soon as she returns to Washington, D.C., after escaping for a week or two with the esteemed Mr. Hemingway (not the one pictured). If she has digital pictures to share, we will ask her to share them somehow.

It also goes without saying that, even if their undisclosed honeymoon hiding place (Are there Germany tours covering Lutheran history?) has WiFi, we are not planning to hear from from Mollie for quite a while. I think Sept. 25 or thereabouts is the proposed date for her return to cyberspace.

So please be patient with me and with young master Pulliam (who also has a wedding date looming out there somewhere) as we carry on without her. Perhaps public appeals to the Rt. Rev. Doug LeBlanc will coax him out of semi-retirement for a week or more. We can hope so.

By the way, I do not know the current condition of those infamous red streaks in Mollie's hair (click here for a photo). I saw her the other day on a D.C. sidewalk and I think they were gone (what a conservative lady), but, hey, it was raining and cloudy and I'm not sure.

If you wish to send the happy Hemingway couple greetings, please do so by leaving nice comments on this thread. Gifts? We're open to suggestions on how to handle that. Amazon, perhaps?

As the Orthodox would say: God grant you many years!

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