Is Getreligionistas a keeper?

frappr navI have asked the Rt. Rev. Doug LeBlanc to find a way to put the link to the Frappr site for GetReligionistas somewhere on our left sidebar for those who want to continue to sign up. I may make another appeal or two on my own listserv, as well. It's kind of fun, but also shows us -- again -- the need to try to get more international coverage into the site. In fact, the first few days we had more global people on the Frappr map than we do now.

So, hey, where did some of you go? Sign back in.

Also, please let us know if there has been any kind of negative result from this fun little toy, some major rise in spam or anything like that. We do want to know where you are and what you think. Sign in, if you will!

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