The future of media apologetics?

bluemarblewestHere is a quick dose of click-click-click apologetics in the age of the blogosphere, care of young master Jeremy Lott (a former Libertarian Catholic member of the GetReligion non-Borg). So we start -- click -- with the White House on tax dollars and stem-cell research:

"The simple answer is he thinks murder's wrong," said White House spokesman Tony Snow.

Then we go -- click -- to blogger Marty Beckerman on the cultural left, over at LiveJournal. In his view, Earth has become "Planet Retard" and it's time for the cultural left to move to Mars:

So it's not murder to kill thousands and thousands of civilians, but it is murder to save God knows how many lives with the help of frozen unconscious cells created in laboratories thanks to degenerates who were paid $30 to jerk off into Dixie cups?

That's it, let's colonize Mars. The Jesus Freaks can keep Earth.

zygoteWhich then takes us -- click -- over to and a cyber-argument under the headline "Where Marty Beckerman came from" that must be seen as well as read. It begins like this:

Hey Marty,

This might be hard to talk about but your parents ... once had sex.

Here is my question: Is this some new form of editorial writing? Interactive editorial cartoons? As a friend of mine at work put it, is this a kind of children's book for adults? A tiny PowerPoint presentation?

You see, you could add more links to this kind of chain of illustrations and actually give it content that can be scanned or read in depth. It also is an example of "writing" that works perfectly online, but how would you reproduce it on tree pulp? Interesting.

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