Landis update

Shouldn't be long before we get the results from Tour de France winner Floyd Landis' doping tests. The first test showed higher-than-expected levels of testosterone. As we prepare for that, it's been interesting to see the positive coverage of the winner turn a bit negative. landisReader Theresa from Katie's Beer noticed something from an article I linked to in the previous Landis post. Check out how Kevin Van Valkenburg of the Baltimore Sun describes Mennonite beliefs:

Mennonites belong to a branch of Christianity that follows the strict teachings of Jesus Christ; its members try to live a simple life to honor and glorify God. Most choose not to watch television or listen to the radio; most, though, have electricity, and many drive cars, own computers and wear standard clothes.

Theresa comments, with nice understatement:

I don't believe that is the definition of Mennonite beliefs. The "strict teachings" of Jesus Christ.

Mennonites won't deny their belief in strict self-discipline and they certainly express a desire to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, perhaps even strictly follow the teachings of Jesus. But the "strict teachings of Jesus Christ"?

I mean, I sympathize with the reporter and his limited space with which to describe the Mennonites, but this could have been improved on. Either the phrase is so broad as to make a meaningless distinction between Mennonites and other Christian groups or it is failing to flesh out even an iota of the Anabaptist basis for the system of belief.

Anyway, in other news, Landis might lose his Tour de France title.

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