Another case of "Never again"

mushroomEvery now and then, I read one story in Column A and that reminds me of another in Column B and they collide in my mind and they become a scary story in Column C. So, click here and then click here. The money quote from the new Washington Post column by Charles Krauthammer -- yes, a Jewish neocon -- is easy to find. He is talking about the tiny size of Israel, the symbolic fact that the Jewish state is poised to become the statistical center of Jewish life and the nuclear rhetoric in Iran. Thus, it is:

A tempting target for those who would finish Hitler's work. His successors now reside in Tehran. The world has paid ample attention to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's declaration that Israel must be destroyed. Less attention has been paid to Iranian leaders' pronouncements on exactly how Israel would be "eliminated by one storm," as Ahmadinejad has promised.

That's the story in Column A. Story B is that anecdote from the young American Jew I interviewed in South Florida, as she prepared to move to Israel. It seems she is not alone, although different people in different countries have different motives for making the move.

I asked her if she was worried about finding work once she got to Israel. Did she have something lined up? She laughed and said she had no worries whatsoever. She said she planned to continue her work in real estate and, "besides, I speak French."

So what is the best scenario for the story in Column C?

Have a nice day.

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