GetReligion and the Christmas season

HomePhotoAs you might expect, various members of the GetReligion team are headed out various doors in various directions for various purposes for varying amounts of time during the Christmas season (which begins Dec. 25, thank you very much). Mollie drew the working stick in her newsroom and will be pretty close to a computer and a keyboard (and rough drafts of her book) during the days ahead.

Young master Daniel will, any minute now, board an airplane to Indiana and I believe that the Rt. Rev. LeBlanc is traveling, too.

In a matter of a few hours I will be heading back to the North Carolina mountains, where our chosen hideaway does not even have a telephone, let alone blog-friendly broadband. After that we head to Georgia, central Texas (my brother lives in Crawford, not far from you know who), back to Georgia, then maybe South Carolina and on back to Maryland. Frankly, I am worried about Internet connections at almost every stop in this journey. Can you say "Panera Bread"?

The blog will stay open, but not as active, with maybe one post a day instead of the usual two or three. If we do not respond to comments, please understand that we are not ignoring you (unless, well, we choose to do so). Please be patient with us.

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